2023 Conference Itinerary

This page displays all Ian Clayton's upcoming conferences.
Please notes that Ian is a guest speaker at all the conferences listed on this page. If you have a query regarding any of the conferences listed, your first point of contact needs to be the people hosting and running the conference, which will not be Ian Clayton. To contact a conference organizer, please click on the registration information button.

May 2023

TRIBE 2023

TRIBE 2023

This year our annual gathering is going to be very different to what it has been before. A lot is about to change, the Nest is about to change and we are entering a new day.

We have a lot we want to share and have a lot we need to administrate in the spirit as we step into a new day. Everything we know is about to change.

Speakers: Ian Clayton; Grant & Samantha Mahoney; Marios Ellinas; Stevie Mckie; Lindi Masters; Rick Nieuwenhuis

Please note: This is event is being Livestreamed only, there will be no physical event.

Cost: US$150 Per Person Watching Live - The Event Videos will be for sale at $180 after the event, so it is better to register to watch live as you get a copy of the videos as part of your registration.

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May 2023


Court of Kings

Dear Friends and Kingdom Co-laborers,

After several years of pandemic related cancelations and postponements, the Connecticut intensive is returning! It is with great joy that we announce our upcoming Court of Kings five-day intensive hosted by Origin Gate and featuring Ian Clayton, Grant Mahoney, and Marios Ellinas as speakers. Jessica Wright from Mobile, AL will be leading worship!  The location for the intensive is Valley Shore AG in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.   


Please note that Court of Kings is not being hosted (governmentally and administratively) by the church, though we are most grateful for Pastors Dave and Jessica Connell who have opened their doors to us. Also note that Court of Kings is held the week after the Tribe Conference in Mobile, Alabama. Tuesday evening, May 16, will feature the first session at 7pm. The schedule for the rest of the week, including Saturday, will be 9am-5pm. 

Please note a significant change for this year (compared to the last nine intensives held at Valley Shore):  There will be no meals served on the premises for intensive attendees. Lodging and restaurant information will be posted on the OG page within the next few months. The removal of meals from the equation reduces the cost of the conference considerably. You will find the new registration fee and instructions posted on the registration page. 

 Consider joining us! We trust the advance notice allows you to prepare accordingly. Maximum capacity is 200 attendees. Secure your spot ASAP. 

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August 2023


The Calling of the Bannermen

The Calling is the coming together of the Sons from all over the globe in their function as Bannermen to...


  • Present their flags and banners before Yahweh

  • Lay them at His feet

  • Rise up as one Tribe, the 13th Tribe and the 13th Era!

This epoch encounter will be taking place over four full days & four nights at the Johnstown Estate in Ireland, a beautiful Four Star Luxury Hotel located in the heart of Meath Countryside on 120  acres of parkland, a befitting and salubrious venue for the gathering of the Bannermen to respond to The Call.

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