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Which teaching resource is it best to start with

We always recommend that people start with Supernatural Encounters 101 and then work through 102 and 103.

Supernatural Encounters 101 contains the Gateways manual and teaching, which is the best resource to begin coming to terms that we are a spirit being and how our spirit man functions.

After working through the Encounters series we then suggest you listen to the Knowing Holy Spirit Teaching set.

How do I access my mp3 files once I have paid for them?

When your payment confirmation has been processed by our system a Receipt of APPROVED purchase/payment email will be generated and sent to the email you have used when creating your account.

This email will contain all the download links for every downloadable product purchased from us.

You will also find download links for all your downloadable purchases in the Download section of your "My Account". To access this section, log into your account and you will be taken to the CUSTOMER INFORMATION page. The link to the DOWNLOAD section is located at the bottom of this page.

Ipods, iPhones and iPads

We have had a number of queries from people that would like to listen to their MP3 files on their iOS devices.

The easiest way to transfer your files to your iOS device is to first download them to your Mac or PC and then to sync them through iTunes.

If you are unfamiliar on how to import MP3 files into iTunes, this help file will explain the process.

For those who do not have access to a Mac or PC, there are a number of free Download Managers available in the Apple App Store. Access the App Store on your iOS device and search "Download Manager". These apps will allow you to download an MP3 file directly to your device. Each app has a number of tutorials that will step through the process.

Download Managers are available free through the App Store and allow you to click on download links for files on web pages and download that file onto the iPad.

Our shopping cart keeps a list of all your downloadable files purchased in the Download Section of our customers "My Account".

Normally when you press a audio download link in Safari on an iPad, iTunes will open the file and stream a few minutes of the audio. This of course is not ideal.

When you have a Download Manager installed, you can press the link until a menu pops up that allows you to select what you would like to do with the file, which in this case would be to download it into the Download Manager so that you can listen to the whole audio file when you want. To listen to file you open the Download Manager and select the file.

This process is somewhat involved, but it is currently the only method I am aware of that accommodates file downloads outside of the iTunes Store.

One download manager that I have tested is "Downloads Lite for iPad", which is a free version of their main one. Like most managers it is a web browser interface that allows you to navigate to websites and tap and hold a link to access a menu that gives you the option to download the file. This manager is easy to navigate and use.

Ian Clayton now has a curated Facebook page.

Please Note: There are only two Facebook pages that Ian Clayton and Son of Thunder Ministries are associated with. They are:
Son of Thunder Ministries
Son of Thunder Publications.

Any other Facebook page that mentions or refers to Ian Clayton and Son of Thunder are not connected to, or affiliated with Ian, nor does he have any input into their content.

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